Today, my journey to share my writing begins….

As I begin this journey today I am trembling; what you do not know is that I have wrestled with God for five years over this repetitive theme that kept coming back to me…write, write, write….strangers would tell me, friends would tell me, family would tell me…and yet despite YEARS of filled journals tucked away in storage containers, and despite the fact that rarely a day goes by that my pen is not in my hand, I cannot imagine ever NOT writing. Strangely my argument has been that I am NOT a writer….

I live through words, they are my dance…

The RED CANOE is a word picture my Creator God gave me in the midst of a barren wilderness of soul; I asked Him for it, I needed a picture, I needed to see my life from His perspective… there I was, and have been for five years now….sitting in a red canoe in the middle of the ocean….no paddles….no life jacket….no sight of land….all I could do, all I have been doing is learning how to love and worship Him from what has felt like a place void of tangibles, of productivity, of purpose, (did I tell you that I am “type A”?)… now know that I am a slow learner….smile….

I know somehow that I must share this journey, it has not been for me alone. Somewhere out there, there a more of you in this same place .

I know that God has asked me to share this with you, whoever you are.

To Him be all honor and all glory.

Karolyn; Psalm 40:1-4

p.s  I am grateful to my daughter Joelle for setting this page up for me, for finding the beautiful picture of the RED CANOE by an amazing artist from Northern Ontario, Clermont Duval


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