Every tree in the garden is silent

How is it that Creation has no need of  lessons taught regarding stillness?

As I greeted the morning  I was greeted back with a picture of perfect stillness……the trees……….they were all standing there staring back at me as though to say, “Look at us and while you look upon us, open your ears….”

My eyes took in a full banquet of trees,  some clothed in needles, others with colored leaves….all of them, standing there together in perfect stillness and perfect silence….I felt my body sigh and relax just looking at them.

Did these mighty twigs have a conference call last night and decide together that no one would speak or move this morning as I gazed upon them? How is it that EVERY one of them can stand there, strong, tall and upright  pointing there mighty finger towards the one true God and not move ??….all those needles, all those leaves, and yet NO movement.

I am amazed and in wonder and drawn into a sacred worship of stillness of soul….

What do I hear?…..I ponder this…

I hear God’s Word stirring in my heart….”BE still and KNOW that I AM God…”  Yes, this is what I hear today…quite a contrast to the tempest that greeted my mind before my eyes were even open this morning….




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