what the heck?

Do I need a degree to blog? Seriously, I need a map to navigate my

way around this thing…I have published where I shouldn’t have and

changed things where I didn’t mean too!  Ha! What a joke!

What a strange culture we live in….computers…..this little piece of

hardware operating like it has brains or something…really, today is

proof enough for me that this thing is smarter than I am…which

reminds me of our little dachshund “Karmen”…O man…same thing,

that dog had me figured out and knew EXACTLY what to do to tick

me off….what a wiener….

So what is my point today from the Red Canoe? Simply this….God

is still God…GREATER than all my stupid mistakes and quirks, He

is BIGGER than this little writing machine…He alone can do


O yah baby…today….from where I sit, from this place of “Still” I

call out with the psalmist……(listening to Gungor’s “You Are The

Beauty” as I write this…can hardly keep my bum in my chair)

Read this you all…”For Who in the skies can be compared to the

Lord? Who among the heavenly beings is like the Lord, a God

greatly feared in the council of the holy ones, and awesome above

all who are around Him? O Lord of hosts, who is mighty as you are

O Lord, with your faithfulness all around you?” (psalm 89:6-8)

That says it all…!

Chow for now…..





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