comes the dawn

“If ANYONE is in Christ, he (she) is a NEW creation. The OLD has passed away; behold, the new has come.” (2Cor. 5:17)

O the glory of the morning! I am always amazed at the beauty of dawn, when and if I see it! Usually the comfort of my pillow and cozy covers keep me soundly sleeping! But this morning I awoke to take it all in!

Shades of pink splashed across pale blue sky were the backdrop behind  a bouquet of  trees, my eyes feasted like a child lost in new discovery.

As I sat there with my morning coffee in hand, I noticed movement in the trees. I thought at first it was squirrels fooling around like a bunch of dopey monkeys, but a closer look brought truth and an even greater wonder! The leaves were falling off the trees even as the trees stood perfectly still. One by one they were letting go of the trees and free falling to the ground. Gone forever from their life source, to wither up and die on the ground.I can’t even describe what this sight stirred up within me as I thought of the lesson from nature, from Creation.

In stillness, the Master does His finest work. Stillness is a form of dormancy; of life ending in one particular way in preparation for new life in a different way. The trees reveal this truth, in fact all creation does. The trees before me are preparing for winter; a season of no obvious life externally.There will be no grand production of leaves, only an obvious barrenness; BUT, underneath the bark the Creator is preparing them for a new season of growth, of NEW leaves, leaves that are not last year’s leaves, they will be THIS YEAR’S leaves.

From my “red canoe” I ponder this this morning and find myself in awe of such a creative God, a kind God, and a loving God!

Think about it, He is the One who has pre-planned that Creation would have a season of stillness and surface death, and the One who pre plans my season of stillness and stripping away of “leaves”  to fall and die; It is not until the leaves are gone and the barrenness begins and winter settles in like a fog that the DEEPEST work BEGINS.

But just as I know that spring ALWAYS comes, and that spring gives birth to summer, so I know that the Creator of the universe will bring spring and summer to my wintering soul again( and again and again). I choose to let Him have His full way with me and  I choose to dance with no “leaves”, and I will choose to dance in the rain and the snow and when the harsh winds blow (hey, that sounded kinda lyrical, like it should have music to it or something!   Grin!)

The music of “GUNGOR” plays in my ear as I sign off today, the words they sing are poetic; “All praises to the One who made it all, and finds it beautiful……fearfully and wonderfully and beautifully made.”

The Word of God says that “He has made ALL things BEAUTIFUL in HIS time.” (Ecc. 3:11)

” O Father, YOU are beautiful!! THANK YOU that I can trust You in every season, trust You to teach me, lead me and create NEW from deep within my soul! O the dance I have in the intimate embrace of this truth, this embrace of Your unbelievable STEADFAST love!”

O comes the dawn quiet and beautiful…………….


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