Home Sweet Home

I’m home!!!

My blog has remained silent as my hubby and I have unpacked mountains of boxes!!! I had thought we had downsized, apparently I had forgotten how much junk we still had!! If anyone ever hears the word “move” come from my lips again, pack me up and ship me off to an island somewhere to gain perspective! I am getting too old for this! ARGH!!

I am also finally hooked up to the internet! So many services to call to restart a home again; details, details, details!! BUT in a little over a week the house is up and running and awaiting the arrival of family for Christmas.

Home sweet home… this little phrase has described my view of home all my married years. Home has been a place of great sweeetness, rest, security, peace, joy and sometimes great pain. Home has been the place I and our family have hung our hats so to speak, where we have loved and hated, laughed and cried. It has been a place of knowing, of purity and simplicity. And it has also been a place of great feasting and playing.

All these treasures I have had to let go of in the last while as I had to live a life of trust in the only One I knew would not change on me. Jesus peeled my onion again and stripped me of my most treasured earthly thing; my home. The place that represented the venue for all my loving and purpose. And though we had a loving place to live with our dear family, I was living in their home, their space, their rountine, eating and sleeping and doing life in their home sweet home, not mine. 

I had days during this time where I awoke to an overwhelming longing to just “go home”; like when you reach the end of your vacation and you can’t wait to get home, only I didn’t have a home. I was in a season of waiting for God to lead and move on our behalf.

I have discovered something beautiful in this place. Christ alone is my home. He has taken up permanent residence in my life and He will never leave. He enables me, carries me, joys me, strengthens me, moves me, changes me, teaches me and LOVES me…HE IS always present, and He is in my tomorrow already waiting for me. I have learned this apart from any tangible evidence surrounding me, and it has brought a new depth of joy, peace and freedom that no one or anything can touch, ever.

Yesterday I was reading Psalm 136…WOW!! There are 26 verses, and in all 26 verses it says, “”for His steadfast love endures forever.”

I read through the Psalm twice, then the third time I read the second half of each verse for all 26 verses…….I was overwhelmed BECAUSE of the journey I have just come through.

Then I read the psalm again, this time I read the first half of all 26 verses, WOW! The first half of each verse carries a descriptive truth of who God is, and then the packed punch….”The STEADFAST    LOVE    OF THE LORD   ENDURES    FOREVER.!”

Through every home sweet home, through every loss, through every gift, through every family ordeal, through ANYTHING God does for me, gives to me, removes from me, changes around me, I can KNOW BECAUSE HIS WORD SAYS SO, that His love is steadfast and it endures, it endures….FOREVER….

And here I thought that “forever” was a word that was only used in fairy tales…..


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