Christmas morning……

I awoke this morning excited for a new day, for a cup of coffee and a warm, homemade muffin…..O the simple delights of a quiet morning at home!!

I put on my Percy Faith Christmas c.d, watered the Christmas tree, and opened my window blinds. Snow-capped mountains greeted my eyes with a post card-like picture.

My mind  began to wander down memory lane to Christmas morning in my home of origin.

Mom and Dad could be found in the kitchen at the crack of dawn, sautéing butter, onions, garlic and celery for the stuffing of the big bird. As much as the smell delighted me as a child, I knew it meant we had to wait a painful extra half hour before we could go down to see the Christmas tree.

Mom would put on the coffee, and dad (after the bird was stuffed and in the oven) would proceed downstairs to our cozy, cottage-like family room to light the fire in the hearth of the wall to wall rock fireplace, he would turn on the Christmas tree lights, while us kids would put on our favorite Christmas ‘record’ on the stereo upstairs….Percy Faith’s, “Christmas Is”; we would then sit and wait at the top of the stairs for dad to call up and tell us Santa had arrived! Wahoo! All lights green to run down and discover the room of ‘magic’ and childhood wonder!

Oh how I loved entering that room! Everything about it was beautiful! Color was everywhere, and the smells of the wood fire, coffee and chocolate would awaken all my senses! I remember my hands being clasped with excitement and I could never hold back my verbal “ohhh’s!”


Even now I get tears in my eyes as I remember all these special traditions and routines; and the scripture that is on my mind and running through my heart in response is Psalm 34:8, ” O TASTE and SEE that the Lord is GOOD, BLESSED is the man that TRUSTS in Him.”

My thoughts this morning are of simple reflection chosen to share for the purpose of encouragement.

 Often the sweetest memories have nothing to do with money. What price can be placed on a sweet childhood memory? Memories within the heart and minds of children who grow up to become adults, who eventually  give birth to children, are powerful tools that cultivate and craft soft soil for scripture to live and breathe and live within the heart,

Christmas morning (or maybe it is Christmas Eve for you) a morning of anticipation, hope and joy, memories of “home”, and best of all, the celebration of remembering the birth of our Savior Jesus.

Do you have any traditions? Do you have plans for your family or friends that will become life giving memories for generations to come?

Memories are free, but their value holds great power either for freedom or bondage. Perhaps this Christmas should be a beginning for you; a beginning of new and different values of “home” for the sake of your husband and children and all others who come to your door. Values that represent LIVING a life of trust in the One who came to save you, Jesus.

Perhaps this Christmas should be a “re-start” of  a relationship gone sideways? Or simply a Christmas to be still, rest, read, listen, pray and enjoy the gift of life you have been given?  Maybe it is a Christmas you should take courage to ask the Lord to teach you how to taste and see how good He is!

“O TASTE and SEE that the LORD IS GOOD!!!! “


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