The candy cane twist

My fresh discovery this morning (as I sat in my church pew) was realizing that I cannot write from my head!!

My public declaration to share a study about being a wife will be the death of me if I approach this like some professional little book….ARGH!

IDIOT!! Why did I do that??


But my discovery lightened my load.

“Talk from your heart girl.” Now that sounds like music to me, I can do that! I AIN’T no professional and the minute I approach this writing trying to be who I’m not, the Holy Spirit’s leading in my life will be stifled! I am an artist, not a scholar….ahhh….this is good then, I shall be who I have been created to be, not someone else!

So then… my thought for today…the first word picture in my mind is a candycane.

Candycanes are a twisted makeup of two colours woven into one shape, both colours clearly seen, but both colours perfectly blended.

This morning as I sat in my church pew listening to my hubby preach a powerful message ( clearly the man was on fire!) I saw a seed of anger in my heart towards him…oops…bad wife….real wife….Jesus save this nasty preacher’s wife!!

I know that only the Spirit of God could have brought such a gentle but piercing conviction to my heart! The verse that came to mind was, “…and they shall become ONE flesh.” (Gen. 2:24b). ONE flesh GOD said.

I knew that anger would not allow any “one-ness” of anything if I allowed its fingers to strangle my mind and heart! Listen to this, “For the anger of man does not PRODUCE the righteousness of God. Therefore PUT away all filthiness and rampant wickedness and RECEIVE with MEEKNESS the implanted word, WHICH IS ABLE TO SAVE YOUR SOULS.” (James 1:21-22)

How quickly the enemy will attempt to pull the “candycane” apart. What fun is there in a candycane that’s all one colour?…BORING!  The enemy seeks to  destroy the beautiful coloured picture that God intended marriage to be to a watching world! A picture of His love for the church. (Eph.5:31-33)

Anything that disrupts God’s plan for Marriage,  the”ONE FLESH” calling, ultimately disrupts our relationship with Him. The marriage relationship is the closest human relationship given to us on earth, created to give us an expression of Divine love, the intended desire and plan of God, that we would KNOW His love and live to LOVE Him with our lives!

I desire Jesus more than anything or anyone, so that little seed of anger had to go! Being ONE with my husband in spirit, mind, heart and body is a beautiful dance of freedom as a result of my relationship with Jesus. Created oneness in marriage was given by God to reflect His design for the unity in the church to a watching world.

So let me ask you today…what is going on in that mind and heart of yours as you think about your husband? (EXCLUDE ALL BLAMING and be brave enough to face yourself FIRST.)

What would your marriage look like to a watching, hurting world if it looked like a candycane? Two colours twisted and woven around each other in “oneness”? This sounds kinda sappy and I really “hate” sappy, but just think about the word picture a bit.

What can YOU do to change, to bring unity? One-ness?

O God may our marriages be relationships of living colour!


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