I wonder why so many of us in our mid to late 40’s, maybe even early 50’s finally “get” who we really are? It’s like we’ve journeyed a big circle. 

I just finished updating my personal information for this blog and in so doing I found myself deleting  a few things that I said that “I LOVE”.

“I LOVE…”  Um, nope not any more…

“I LOVE…”  Uhh, noooo, so NOT me now…

“I LOVE…” OH woah, no way, that is NOT me, not any more, or possibly was it ever really me? Or was it a “seasonal” me, like fall or spring?

After I clicked on “UPDATE” for my final edit, I had this strange feeling in my heart like I had come home or something.

How freeing it is to walk into oneself.

To finally know THIS IS WHO I have been CREATED to be.

How and why did it take me so long?

It is easy to live a life defined by what others say of you and to coast along in that image until one day you wake up and discover the mirror in front of you is telling you a different story.

The face staring back looks different from the one you’ve known through others, but its the face YOU know.

It’s ME.

Hi me..

Welcome home.

“O Lord You’ve searched me and KNOWN me!…..I PRAISE YOU for I AM fearfully and wonderfully made…YOUR eyes saw my unformed substance; in YOUR book were written EVERY ONE of them, the days that were formed FOR ME, when as yet there were none of them.” (from Psalm 139)


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