The Black Beetle…

It sounded like someone dropped a thickened-by-fungus toe-nail on the surface of the deck beside me.

Okaaay…WHAT was that?!


Oh dear..

There beside me lay a big black beetle.

Hokey Dinah where did this creepy insect fall from?

I looked up.

No obvious answer.


Now my curiosity was heightened.

I started scanning the exterior wall of the house.



So, I looked at the beetle.

It had landed on its back, it’s wings trapped beneath a squirming body of black.

I zoomed in.

O dear.

Poor little creepy insect.

Its feet were bound by what looked like a minuscule cotton ball.

Something had hog-tied the beetle!!

What a crazy sight of genius!

That poor ugly beetle couldn’t free itself even after I turned it over on it’s belly!

My wheels were spinning.

Do I “flick” it off the deck or do I try to save it?

I decided to try to save it, (okay whatever, so I had nothing better to do!).

I took the end of my pen and tried to slide the cotton ball off its feet.

O my!  “No can do magoo”!

That “cotton” was NOT coming off!

I had an instant recollection of Frodo Baggins (Lord of the Rings) wound up in a spider web.

The beetle continued to struggle to get free.

I finally managed to remove some of what I now knew to be a spider web, not a cotton ball.

But with its removal the beetle stopped moving.

I poked it.

Turned it over.

“Lassie went home.”

The Black Beetle was dead.

So I flicked him off the deck.

I later found a spider web containing three huge egg sacs.


Mr. Black Beetle was intended to be breakfast, lunch and dinner for a few days I think.

So much for the spider’s feast.

In stepped “The human”.


I messed up the food chain, by attempting to be Dr. Dolittle.

Leaves me with some wondering …what does the spider think of me?

Perhaps tonight I should close my bedroom window….?


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