The Wandering Snail Returns

O I have lots of excuses for not writing Lord! For starters, my baby girl is getting married in a few weeks…does that count? And …and…and…


Okay, seriously, it has been far too easy to give up writing for planning a wedding! Already new habits are forming.  To sit down and write for three hours is now an option for the pot on the back of the stove top….

A prevalent, chronic whisper persists in my soul ..psst…psst..”WRITE, WRITE, WRITE”, to which I subconsciously respond, “shh!”, “shh!”, “shh!”

I call myself the “Wandering Snail” today because every yicky, yucky snail I pluck off the plants in my perennial garden is going nowhere too soon. Those slow pokes are content to just sit and chomp, sucking the life out of my beautiful plants ( I suppose they could be hungry). BUT as annoying as they are to my garden habitat, I see myself in their slow movement  with my writing disciplines.

Will I be content to allow life to continue to plow its way into me,  pushing aside the one assignment God has given me? Why do I have this romanticized notion that all things come easy when you find your running path?

I know from physical disciplines that “pain is gain”, so why would I play at writing when I have a goal in mind? (Maybe snails have a goal as well; probably to make it to the top of the plant without being seen…)

What’s my point today? I suppose a squirmish published confession and an attempt to boot myself into action again!

As Madeleine L’Engle writes; “if I leave my work for a day, it leaves me for three.” She continues,” I think it was Artur Rubinstein who admitted, “if I don’t practise the piano for one day I know it. If I don’t practise the piano for two days my family knows it. If I don’t practise for three days, my public knows it.
The moment of inspiration does not come to someone who lolls around expecting the gift to be free. It is no giveaway. It is the pearl for which we have to pay a great price, the price of intense loneliness, the price of that vulnerability which often allows us to be hurt; the less readily understandable price of hurting those we love…If we’re given a gift..and the size of the gift, great or small, is irrelevant, then most of us must serve it, like it or not. I say most of us because I have seen people of great talent who have done nothing with it and mutter about getting down to work “when there’s time.” ( from “Walking on Water”)

Oops…sounds like she is writing for the snail who lives within me in the writing department; and sounds like Jesus’ teaching in the parable of the talents. (read Matt. 25:14-30).

The Wandering Snail returns! She must move past hiding behind contented aimless chomping, and move like the plant could disappear at a moments notice…


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