lost inside a broken heart

It is an unusual day to write.

How do words emerge when a heart sits lost inside a cave of pain for others?

I know truth, it is the rock beneath my quivering feet that reminds me that “Even in laughter the heart may ache.” (Prov. 14:13)

Sometimes I long to hear good news of the miracles of God’s hand in pain and suffering.


“What can I do?” I asked of myself as I bumbled along in my jeep on an old country road.

The question fell onto music notes and the lyrics of Hillsong United’s “Aftermath”, …..”I know You’re WITH me, I know You’re WITH me here, and I know Your love will light the way…and I know You’re WITH me, yes I know Your WITH me here and I know, Your love will light the way…”  The words reached deep like raindrops rolling down a leaf and a surge of musical expression found its way through my flesh and into my mind….an instrumental version of the same song began to play; drums beckoned, and keys of notes fell like ice crystals falling from heaven: I was transported to what I call ” The Deep Soul-Place of Meeting.”

A vision came; I was dressed in a white, ankle length dress while lost inside movements of dance; my bare feet pounded dry earth around the Throne of God. In my mind’s eye I could see the dust rising as I danced in angst for the pain of others.   My arms reached high, and my fingers released perfectly shaped red rose petals into the air; A swirl of current toke them up to the nostrils of God; I could see every petal leaving a fragrant kiss upon His face, a face undefined as a result of brilliant light that exuded from it. The air was sweet with aroma from the heart cries of His people.  I continued to pound the earth with dance while my heart released prayer after prayer after prayer for the many in pain and suffering.

I couldn’t stop, around and around I danced, claiming the Name of Jesus over each one, my soul shouting at the enemy that he would not win, not ever..

The place was a mess of dust and scent of rose.

Amidst the prayers a battle was being waged over every soul, The armies of Heaven were stepping in and taking unseen action over every name lifted up.

The place was on fire with thunder and noise of victory! Shouts of “hallelujah!” and “amen” and “yes!” arose.

I do not know if air was necessary to my lungs, I do not know if I was physically weary…all I could do was continue to pound the ground in dance for what I knew my bible teaches is truth for those lost in “the Valley of Shadow.”

Background words to the musical piece wove their way into my present reality: “Holy are you God, Holy is Your name; Everything I am, my heart will sing, how I love you”; over and over the voices sang these haunting words of truth as the vison continued.


I find it difficult to describe what happened to me in my little black jeep today, perhaps it was too intimate of an encounter to share with anyone…but none-the-less I share it to give a message of hope. I believe and I know that God accepted, heard and loved every prayer offered for those in need today.

“May my prayers like incense rise before you, the lifting of my hands a sacrifice..O Lord Jesus turn your eyes upon me that I may have mercy in Your sight.” (Psalm 141:2)

Don’t walk away dear ones, He loves you and awaits your return to hope in expectation of His tangible, intimate heart of love for YOU!

“REJOICE in hope, be patient in tribulation, be CONSTANT in prayer.” (Rom. 12:12)

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