The Wedding Gown

It hangs from the wide, white trim above the closet door in the spare room of our home.

It has been hanging there for three weeks now.

My eldest daughter’s wedding gown hangs hidden behind a loosely drapped sheet.

This morning my heart needed to go sneak a peek at this beautiful gown of ivory and lace. I stood there silently; staring at its lifeless form, hardly daring to believe that in just one week my daughter’s virgin body would give movement to its delicate fabric.

 My heart trembled..

And a tear came to my eye..

I could hear her toddler voice still talking non-stop; I could still see her little arms swinging constantly beside her as her clever little mind would piece together my answers to her non-stop question of “why mommy?”  Her little freckled nose would be scrunched and poised upward in curiosity. 

This beautiful red-headed daughter of ours  is about to make a covenant vow to be married to one man for the rest of her life.

A precious vow…

A promise to be there, to show up, to love, to give, to laugh and cry and do pain faithfully alongside her husband.

My daughter will begin the biggest adventure of her life.

I pray she sees it as that…an adventure.

Any adventure holds twists and turns of unexpected things; take the movie “UP” for instance. The motto of the marriage portrayed was, “ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!” and as the story unfolds, their relationship was defined by their response to difficulty rather than the portrayal of a perfect, fairy-tale relationship of  “happily ever-after.”

Adventure is filled with fun as we learn to lean into its surprises and not fight them. Adventure should prove to re-set us, ignite us, shape us, so that we become more of who we were created to be; never destroying us, but teaching us what it means to embrace a relationship of committment.

Our daughter’s upcoming wedding is stirring so many thoughts, emotions and memories.

How I pray God’s protection and blessing on the union of her marriage. I have asked God to use them to give hope to many in their demographic culture who resist and struggle against life-long committment; a culture, I believe, who are in many ways, fickle cowards.

All it takes is one agent to start the change; may it be you my baby girl alongside your strong, German prince of a husband to be!


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