The Beautiful Bride

Just nine days ago my little red-headed “Sweet-Pea” walked the center aisle of a little old church and committed to live the rest of her life with her German prince charming.

As her dad and I waited with her for the old wooden church doors to open to the bride`s walk, my heart heaved  inside my chest; I was fighting to restrain the waterfall that threatened to cascade my face! I was attempting desperately to honor the loving suggestion our daughter gave to me as we stood there waiting for her musical que to walk down the aisle: “mom, don’t cry.”

HOW CAN I NOT BABY GIRL? Yesterday I held your infant body in my arms and covered your face with kisses and today you are walking  away from home to start your own with the man of your desire and love… how can I not cry?

Where did the time go?

How in the world did you grow up so quickly?

As her daddy and I walked with her to “give her away” I stole a sideways glance at her face, “O precious sweetheart you are so beautiful”, I thought.

Her entire body exuded joy and confidence as she stood with her man before the preacher. As we began to sing “Great is Thy Faithfulness”, her sweet face revealed a heart that knew well the truth she sang….she had waited a long time for that day…”Great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto me…”

Yes and amen, GOD has been faithful, He has been good; He has covered our daughter with His faithful love and lead her to this monumental time in her life… and I, her momma, am overwhelmed and thankful that her Creator God did not leave my side for a moment as I sought Him in prayer to know HOW to guide her life. I have made many, many mistakes as a momma, but this I KNOW I did well before God, with HIS strength and mind… I LOVED her…I committed my life to that dance of many rhythms and colours.

I  have been blessed to have had such a journey with a child.

Three months after I was married I was given a medical prognosis that my womb may never know a pregnancy.

The beautiful bride of nine days ago was (is) our first-born daughter…she is our miracle ( as are her sister and brother!!).

The wedding day was a day of great celebration, the embers of it lay warm within my heart and mind.


My thoughts are scrambled today and my grammar stinks!…my mind is slowly finding life again after processing so many wedding details; I simply wanted to “drop in” with a short blog note as I emerge from my cave of sleep and rest.

A new chapter now begins for me…

O what will we write about next heavenly Father?

Hmm…I wonder…


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