Are you Exhausted?

Have you ever faced a day feeling like you had been squeezed like a grape?

Like someone had spent your flesh like cash while you were sleeping in the night?

Or felt “cooked” before a day of ingredients made themselves known?

Listen to this:

“He (God) gives POWER to the faint, and to him who has NO might He increases strength. EVEN YOUTHS shall faint and be weary, (of what I wonder?), and YOUNG men shall fall EXHAUSTED; but they who wait for the Lord shall RENEW their strength; they shall mount up with wings LIKE eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint” (Isaiah 40:29-31).

In verse 28 of this same chapter we read that God is everlasting, that He is the CREATOR of the ends of the earth, and that He does not faint or grow weary.

Let’s think about that for a moment.

GOD is everlasting! In other words, there is NO END to Him or of Him, He IS FOREVER!

GOD is the CREATOR of the ends of the earth! In other words, HIS hands created, extend around, hold, and control THE ENTIRE PLANET OF EARTH!

GOD does NOT faint or grow weary! In other words, He never becomes a smoldering wick, His flame burns continuously and forever, His energy is optimum AT ALL TIMES; His mind and heart alert and present with us ALWAYS. God does not need “a break” from our lives…EVER!

 If by this point in you are questioning my “other words”, read for yourself : Psalm 139; Psalm 103; Malachi 3:6; James 1:17.


About the word picture of the eagle in the scripture cited earlier;

Have you ever watched an eagle in flight?

They soar,

and soar,

and soar.

It is as though they were created to fly with little movement required from their enormous breadth of wingspan.

The obvious is obvious…

An eagle’s wings are created instruments of flight; a flight of power fueled by stillness… how often have you seen an eagle flapping it’s wings?

Isaiah forty speaks of a “mounting up” with wings like an eagles if we “wait for the Lord”.

Have you considered what it would be like to lay upon the back of an eagle in flight?

I have considered this unattainable option in the literal sense, it kinda looked like a crazy cartoon gone bad! But when I consider it in the metaphorical sense, I see a life of soul rest and a mind stilled by complete trust in God. I see a life that can and will “soar” effortlessly because of a sacred, secure knowledge that my life will not “crash”, and God will NEVER change.

The Word of God says that in my waiting (trusting) in the Lord, I will run without weariness and that I will walk without fainting ; In otherwords, I will not give up on life!

I sign off today with a questioning of wondering: What if we actually lived like we believed this?


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