“One Good Woman…”

“The opposite of a nice girl, I learned, is a “good woman.” Being a good woman means trading the safe, passive, people-pleasing behavior of niceness for dynamic power of true goodness. It means moving from the weakness and immaturity of girlhood toward the strength and maturity of womanhood…a good woman knows she cannot be all things to all people, and she may, in fact, displease those who think  she should just be nice. She is not strident or petty or demanding, but she does live according to conviction. She knows that the Jesus she follows was revolutionary who never tried to keep everyone happy.” (exerpt from “Nice Girls Don’t Change the World” by Lynne Hybels– this book is a must read for any “nice girl”).


“Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.” (Prov. 31:25)


and dignity

of a good woman

Sleepy visions visit

of Cottonwood trees

bending and breaking

from mighty chorus of wind

unlike the soldier

standing beside


wood of steel

wind threatening root

for destruction

but branches reach

making point

of height

and depth

and voice

The old oak

steady and valiant


A good woman?

stature reaching

eyes forward

neck of grace


laughter birthing

not to mock the wind

but to dance

with its’ Creator


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