A blogger’s thank you!!

Happy New year!

A simple post today but an important one!

First of all I thank WordPress for making this blog site possible for me! I thank you for the exceptional email summary comprised of my last year of writing…how heplful and how encouraging you were to me! Thank you, thank you!!

Secondly thank you to those of you who follow and who have continued to encourage me along the way. You really have no idea how much your kind words have meant to me as I have started this new path of a writing career. I have such a long way to go, and the mountain beckons humility in order to climb! I am excited for another year of pondering and learning online………………..sooooo…..thank you so very much.

I never begin a blog without laying my heart out before the eyes Jesus (He sees what’s in there anyways so I may as well admit it!) and listening for direction and asking repeatedly throughout my writing for His mind and help. I KNOW that He has asked me to follow this path, and as all of you already know, it is an intensely vulnerable one! My conclusion is though that I would rather be vulnerable with all my yucky stuff and allow Jesus to use failure and struggle then write about stuff void of my blood, sweat and tears…yah, like whatever, what do I have to loose? NOTHING! I no longer care if I am thought of as wierd, so be it, I am wierd…God chooses to use wierd people to write!!

So my chicken pot pies are smelling like they need to be freed from the heat of my oven, so will sign off for now, (and no, they are not homemade, I bought them at the butcher shop…I HATE making pastry!)

Stay posted…seek Jesus, pray constantly.