Alice’s World …

Well I`ll be, the old girl is back.

God did not give her a multi-processing brain. He chose instead to give to her an extremely focused brain, similar to a dog with a bone.

With other opportunities pressing her, writing was placed somewhere into oblivion!

So the question emerges, how does she begin again?

From scratch?

There are many words she could write for it seems as though an entire year of events have passed in such a short space of time.

Almost like Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole…

Lots of tea,
Lots of questions,
Lots of strange conversations that shrank her, yet also grew her,
Wanderings along a cold ocean shore and down busy city streets were her equivalent to Alice’s journey through the forest of characters,
And sadly,
Johnny Depp was not the Mad Hatter; At least if he had been the craziness would have felt more like an adventure instead of searching.


One thing is certain though, the trip down the rabbit hole was worth it because of discovery;

The title and vision for her novel now lays in her hands.

She supposes that will mean many more trips to the strange, brave world of Alice’s, but she doesn’t mind,

The tea was good.