A Culture of Vanity

Why are we as women so vain?
Why are we never satisfied with our external appearances?
What would happen to the world market if suddenly we became “unsuckered” by the many ads and commercials around beauty products and fashion?
How would the minds of men change if suddenly we became women of character? If our pursuits as women became about WHO we are rather than HOW we look?
Does anyone ever do a pull back and see how stupid we all are? Kinda like sheep.
WE are the ones being seduced.

Every single woman is gonna grow old and accumulate wrinkles, bra bulges and maybe even muffin-tops; every single woman will walk through menopause (if death does not steal her first)….we cannot stop time and we cannot control the circumstances of our lives that play with our aging process, BUT we can choose to LIVE.

Can we age with strength and dignity of character or must we age like plastic Barbies? (Do those who have plastic surgery not know it’s obvious man made beauty?).

Our bodies have become our idols; in fact a woman’s body is the North American idol; We worship her, adore her and spend stupid amounts of money to satisfy her and keep her “perfect”.

In John 10:10 Jesus told us that the enemy of our souls came ONLY to steal, kill and destroy, but HE came so that we would have LIFE; Could this mean that our real beauty is being stolen and destroyed from under our very noses?

Don’t you wonder how we’ve become so obsessed with our flesh? Flesh that eventually decays and rots under mounds of dirt? Do we not see how our gender is being subtly trained to think that our lives exist merely as show pieces; kinda like furniture on display for someone to buy and use?

Jesus came so that we could and would be freed from these earthly entanglements; He came so that upon believing in Him we would live forever (see john 3:16). He came to make His home in our hearts, our souls. Think about the reality of what this means for us as women.

If Jesus lives in me, my soul will live forever; Why then do I waste so much of my earthly life living to preserve my flesh that I already know cannot live forever? I should be living every moment of my fleeting life from a soul-dance with Jesus; from a place of knowing where I will be spending eternity-with the One who lives within me, the One who WILL NEVER LEAVE ME, EVER, and who created every woman beautiful in the IMAGE of God, (see Gen.1:27).

Have you ever seen a dead body? A dead body has lost all resemblance to its earthly existance….because the soul is gone! Our real beauty comes from our souls, our soul is what gives light to our eyes and form to our faces and bodies of flesh, (see Luke 11:33-36).

Listen to this;”So we do not lose heart. Though our OUTER self is WASTING AWAY, our INNER SELF is being RENEWED DAY BY DAY”(2Cor.4:16). This is a renewing process that has been bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ, no expensive skin renewal cream needed (see John 3:16).

When I was 12 years old I memorized Proverbs 31:30,”Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”
I desired to be a woman whose beauty came from within, from a soul that was secure in the One who created me, the One who detailed my life as an individual and not some mass market product.

So how about you today woman?

Are you tired as well of this rat race of never conquered beauty search?

Choose life, choose to LIVE….time is running out; It will not be given back to you this side of eterntiy.

How then shall we live?

Thanks for reading my scrambled musings today!