Writing Around the Block!!

Admittedly I am not a computer queen! I am the basic email and blogger girl; so when my blogging account refused me access for the last few weeks I dang near cried! I was determined to use my own brain and figure out how to navigate my way back into my own site.

I have felt like I have been running around the same block for weeks.

Ya sure I suppose I’m stubborn, but if I couldn’t figure this out for myself I knew that I would never learn.

I tried changing my password, tried accessing through WordPress channels for the old gals who forget their passwords and then finally I decide to change my name and opened a new blogging sight.

But I couldn’t let go of this blog! I love my red canoe and know for now that blogging is my way of growing as a writer!

After much frustration and determination I discovered that the whole problem was a result of a security upgrade that I had failed to download and thus I was locked out!

Silly as this entry is, I am writing about my discovery because I am so excited that I am back to writing on “notesfrommyredcanoe!”

Okay so small things amuse me, but this was a great accomplishment! I did it, I figured it out!!! Yay for me!!

Now I can write my way around the block and I can hardly wait to push these keys and let the heart language flow!

I wonder if they make running shoes for fingers?