Peace Like A River

I was just sitting here and got to thinking about Isaiah 66:12, which says:

‘For thus says the Lord: “Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river.”‘

God was speaking about Jerusalem, but what did He mean by “peace like a river?”

What would that look like I wonder? To have peace like a river?

I love watching rivers…they move as an unstoppable force and yet they are silent. It’s like power in quiet motion, constant motion, motion that will not be stopped.

I do not have time today for a word study, but do have time to relate to this beautiful word picture.

God desires that we have peace because it not only settles us into faith in Him but also speaks without words the evidence of His mighty power within a life.

He desires that we lead peaceful lives and that our hearts and minds know peace, and are filled with peace and are governed by peace.

Peace is also a fruit given by the Holy Spirit which proves itself through how I live my life, and in what my life produces (see Gal.5;22).

For assurance of of God’s peace read: Phil. 4:5-7; Is.26:3; Col.3:15; Jn14:27; Jn16:33.


like a river…

That must be what it looks like to be fully alive in any and every situation and circumstance that comes my way…it must also kinda look like the eye of the storm.

Peace is powerful and life-giving and peace is a result of absolute trust in God.

Are you trusting Him today with whatever threatens peace?