Soul Writing

O must I follow the writing rules today?

Can I not brush stroke with words like an artist and his paint brush?

Can I please write from a place not yet unleashed? A place that remains boxed behind lines of sentence structure and grammar, holding me captive when words approaching are abstract and loose fitted within sentence?

Why can a visual artist create a masterpiece that begs contemplation to discover its meaning while a writer must follow the rules to appeal to understanding quickly?

Just wondering…

It is a deep soul day. Rain is gently falling on my fall blooming garden and its soothing sound is leading me to creative places filled with descriptive words… I desire to learn how to let these words come with ease.

And so I will do just that… I will draw a picture from soul words.

Fire and cloud

One governs path by day

The other by night

Trust hanging like string from heaven

Awaiting grasp of hand

Temptation to murmur within a resting tent

sly voice of disbelief rolling upon restless tongue

Pursed lips serve bars of imprisonment

Against such whispering voice

The ear of God

Open to every sound

Must hear heart

And mind

Of recollection

And remembering

Upon paths lit

And direction given

Of life lived

And faithfulness found.


These few words today were stimulated by study of Deuteronomy 1:1-33 (and the sound of the rain).