The God Who Sees Me

It is the very last day of 2013! Where did this last year disappear to?

I find myself a bit reflective upon the days gone by, and hopeful toward days that lay ahead in the new year.

What else would you expect to read on December 31st?

There is a message upon my heart today; a message of hope and encouragement taken from the story of Hagar (Genesis 16).

Hagar was a female Egyptian servant to Abram and Sarai who was “given” to Abram by barren Sarai in hopes of producing a son; but once Hagar conceived, Sarai’s heart became friends with contempt and treated Hagar harshly.

So Hagar ran away; she was pregnant and alone. Genesis 16 records that the angel of the Lord found her (does this suggest that God must have been pursuing her?) by a “spring of water in the wilderness” (vs.7).

It was from this place of rejection, isolation and hurt that Hagar gave God the name that we now know Him by, “EL ROI”.

The Hebrew meaning? “You are the God who sees me”.

O how I love this name of God! It is one of the many of His names that hold testimony of His character and divine love for each of us.

To bring this into a personal context I would like to share a little story with you.

On Christmas day I was drawing and colouring pictures with my granddaughter Eilia. She had just received a small suitcase of markers, crayons, pencil crayons and paint for Christmas so we decided to check them all out and have some fun.

I was soon lost on my own page with drawing palm trees and sunshine and so failed to notice what her little hands were pumping out until she said to me, “Nana look at what I did!”

As I looked at her paper, by jaw dropped and my heart leaped…there on her 8 by 10 piece of paper was the word “ROI”, written with red marker and in HUGE block caps! Drawn over the word was a huge rainbow with colours of green, purple, blue, green, yellow and red.

O how I wish I knew how to attach this picture to this blog today, believe me that as I am writing it is propped against my lamp in front of me!

My granddaughter is only four years old! I knew that only God could have inspired such praise and encouragement out of her little heart; she had no clue what she had just drawn! Needless to say (but I will anyway) I explained to her that she had just written out one of God’s names.

I believe this name of God holds power, hope and a promise for each of us this last day of 2013.

Wherever you are, whatever life circumstance you find yourself in, know that GOD SEES YOU! You are not alone…EVER!!

I encourage you to ask God to reveal Himself this new year through one of His many names…as you know, He delights to reveal WHO He IS!!

If He would use a four-year old who barely knows how to write her own name to write one of His names, to speak to me, will He not also do that for everyone who asks?

In the words of Hagar: ” Truly here I have seen Him who looks after me” (Genesis 16:13).