To Go With God

“You cannot go with God and stay where you are.”

I don’t remember who is noted for speaking these words, but they speak truth!

You cannot step out onto the water without being willing to lose sight of the shore…

It is one thing to say “I will follow Jesus” and quite another to submit the soul to action…

No more hiding…

No more dragging of the heels…

No more self-focusing…

And…no more arguing with the Creator!

It is NOT normal, not even human-like, to live from within this realm of faith in action. It is not instinctive to us to choose to live suspended from heaven like a shoe hanging from the end of its’ lace.

To choose to TRUST in the One who remains unseen to the naked eye…to trust that He alone holds the other end of the shoe-string, feels life-threatening at the best of times.

“Just swing from the shoe string!” My soul shouts at me!

The idea of it resonates with my desire for adventure, but fear shouts from behind…with words of reason and doubt.

But one passion drives me and burns constant like an ember in an old fire…one passion alone…

The passion to follow Jesus Christ with my LIFE.

He ALWAYS leads me away from myself, away from the shoreline of solid, tangible ground.

The Call to follow reveals what I really believe about God…

And how much I really love HIm.




Scratch my head…

Pick my nails…




Will I give my life away to make Him Known? Will I surrender to His re-shaping of my life? Will I face the mighty waves of uncertainty with confident trust? 


“After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them on ahead of him, two by two, into every town and place where HE HIMSELF was about to go. and He said to them, “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are FEW. Therefore pray EARNESTLY to the LORD OF THE HARVEST to send out laborers INTO the harvest..(Luke 10:1-2).”


I will go…

I will be a “laborer”…

Whatever it means for my life…

I will go…

Because I love Him enough to die for Him…

Because He loved me enough to die for me..

I think the shoreline is disappearing on me…/p>


The God Who Amazes Me!

Wow it has been so very long since this soul of mine has been squeezed through words into a blog! I honestly have had this chronic dull ache from not taking or making time to write!!

It has been two crazy months for me of selling our home, buying an old condo that needed to be renovated and completed by Feb.28 so that we would have somewhere to move to, saying goodbye to our daughter and husband as they moved to Germany and taking a huge step of faith in accepting a new job, which is also a new position that is beyond what I know I am capable of in my flesh…it is a job that will keep me on my knees! Yay for that!

But this blog is not to be about me, it is about my wonderful God who just keeps surprising me with deeper truth and living realities of WHO He is! Wonderful, wonderful Elohim!

I have decided that this year I am going to read through the bible from Genesis to Revelation, successively. I am so excited about this adventure!

Already in Genesis the Holy Spirit has illumined something new!

In chapter 24 Abraham sent his servant on an “errand” to find a wife for his son of promise; Isaac.

In verse 12 Abraham’s servant asks God for “success”, and that God would show “steadfast love to his master Abraham”.

The servant asks God for some very specific details to fall into place so that he will know which woman is intended for Isaac.

Verse 15 records that before the servant had finished speaking a woman emerged onto the scene; and we read how the servant proceeded to test his own request from God.

As the story unfolds we discover that the woman’s name is Rebekah and that she is indeed God’s choice for Isaac.

The servant’s response to his answer? Two times he BOWS his head and worships…an immediate response to God (verse 26,48) and once he bows himself to the earth(verse 52).

What this story spoke of to me is that I should not cower at the thought of asking God for “success” in the assignments that He has given me; I need not grovel under a blanket of humility and fear but rather TRUST the One who knows the why behind the assignment…my part is CONFIDENT obedience.

I think we have this humility thing wrong sometimes…even in Hebrews we are instructed to draw near to the throne of grace WITH CONFIDENCE(4:16).

Even more so for us because of what Jesus has accomplished for us…we can boldly come through Jesus with all that concerns us and with detail! Read Genesis 24!

One more thing…I WAS SO BLESSED by reading the servant’s reaction to God’s answer…it was automatic worship, no second thoughts, no forgetting, he was so grateful that his head went down…boom…THANK YOU LORD!!! Verse 27&48 records that the servant BLESSED The Lord!

Obviously The Lord God knew even as the servant was asking for success at the beginning of that day that his heart was already primed and ready to acknowledge the One through Whom it all came.

What about you today? What do you need to be specific about before the Father? What assignment has He given you that you need to ask for His “success” upon? And when the test of praise arrives, will you be found on your knees in overwhelming praise and blessing to The Lord God?

Just a few thoughts today! May you know Him dear souls!!