I was born in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. I lived most of my early life five miles from a little village called Rosseau, right in the belly of the beautiful Muskoka’s.

I now live in British Columbia.

I have Scottish, German, and English roots which kinda makes me stubborn, strong-willed and passionate! These traits are God created, but apart from Him they are my greatest weakness.

I am celebrating 30 years of marriage in 2017.

I am a mother of three adult children, a mother-in-law and  “Nana” to three amazing grandkids.

My greatest passion in life is knowing and loving Jesus Christ through studying the Word of God and prayer.

I am a bit of a solitary, okay kinda a lot of solitary.

I love nature.

I love birds; except Ravens, Crows, Blackbirds, Pigeons and Seagulls; seriously why did God create these annoying creatures?

I love the sound the breeze creates through leafy trees on warm summer days.

I love the haunting echo of the wind through tall Pines on a windy night as I lay resting in my bed.

I love sitting in a canoe in the middle of a mirrored lake and listening to the call of the Loon as evening approaches.

I love the smell of leaves in fall and the sound their dried composition offers me as my feet ramble through them; It reminds me that soon another blanket will fall.

I love the sight of snow-capped mountains against a backdrop of deep blue sky.

I love the sound of the waves upon the golden shores of Hawaii.

I love the smell of the Plumeria flower in Paradise.

I love long quiet mornings with a cup of strong coffee, my bible, journal and the presence of Jesus.

I love reflective quiet evenings sitting by the fire.

I love music!! I love classical, mellow jazz, rock, pop (yes I’m a 80’s girl!) and reflective instrumental movie compositions.

I love to laugh as well as watching others laugh.

My favourite clothes are hoodies, sweatpants and cozy socks.

I love the colour black.

I love reading deep reflective books, biographies of old Saints who embarked on crazy adventures for God, and Agatha Christie novels…mystery is a feast for my mind.

I am a curious kind of girl; I love to ask questions.

I love roller coasters!

My favorite movie(s) is Lord of the Rings; I watch the trilogy at least once a year.

I love the discipline and challenge of physical fitness.


I desire the blessing and privilege of embarking on many more crazy adventures for God even though I am most likely half way through my earthly life.

I have walked many painful valley roads. Roads that were (and are) God’s greatest blessings and kindnesses towards me. I would not have made the discoveries of myself, or of God through His Word had I not chosen to step out in faith and follow Him no matter the cost.

I have ONE hope that is a “sure and steadfast anchor” of my soul and that hope is Jesus Christ.

Because of HIM, I can face every tomorrow that awaits me.

“Adventure is out there!”


2 thoughts on “Karolyn

  1. karolyn I’m am loving your book. There are already many sentences underlined and starred. The Holy Spirit is using it to speak into a very tender part of my soul. Thank you for being his vessel by putting these beautiful words onto paper. I would love to order books for my girlfriends, but I can’t seem to increase the quantity on the paypal page. I’d like 3 🙂

    Email me so we can figure out payment etc.


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